Enable easy-to-read Debug Output to Console on all Browsers for the most relevant stages of Data Layer Processing

“Hard” & “Soft” Bots, Human Signals — and Vacation in Cleveland

Recap: Why common Bot combat methods aren’t good enough for Analytics

And why having all in one parameter is key

  • No naming convention is perfect.
  • Nobody likes to do it.
  • You can spend months discussing which attributes should be…

How to use Server-Side GTM + Pubsub + Python + Firestore to get attributes from a database about a User, Products, or anything

Merge duplicate segments and calculated metrics, delete unused components, and get rid of those thousands of old workspaces

CSPs are not bad, but IT Security and Developers need to change the way they are implemented

I am not alone…

The Component Usage Tab in the Google Sheets Adobe Analytics Bulk Component Editor shows what your users (don’t) use

How to ensure a centralized and scalable data collection standard across websites with a Launch Company Extension

Lukas Oldenburg

Digital Analytics Expert. Owner of dim28.ch. Creator of the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets: https://bit.ly/component-manager

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