Bulk-Edit eVars, props & Success Events comfortably from a Google Sheet

New Adobe Analytics “Report Suite Editor”

Lukas Oldenburg
2 min readOct 25, 2022

Need to deactivate 500 Success Events in 15 Report Suites at once? Want to finally get those names, descriptions and settings of your eVars and props streamlined across Report Suites after you identified all the “Multiples”? The Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets can do all this for you, efficiently and comfortably from a simple Google Sheet.

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While the Adobe Analytics interface does a much better job when it comes to bulk-editing custom dimensions (eVars, props) and metrics (Success Events) across multiple report suites than e.g. Google Analytics, it does get rather tedious once you need to edit a lot of them. E.g. a colleague recently had to deactivate 900 (yes!) Success Events…

Another case are the dreaded “Multiples”, which is when you have the same variable, but with different settings across Report Suites. E.g., in Report Suite A, eVar10 is “Newsletter Name”, but in Report Suite B, it is “Sausage Variant”, in Report Suite C, it is also “Sausage Variant”, but the description or the expiration settings are different. To identify “Multiples”, you can use the Component Manager’s Compare Report Suitesfeature, by the way.

Report Suite Editor Video Guide

To disable/enable/edit any setting of any eVar, prop or Success Event, across one or more Report Suites in bulk, you can now use the new (and free) “Report Suite Editor”. Check out the video guide:

Edit/disable/enable eVars, props, Success Events across one or more Report Suites with the Adobe Analytics Component Manager

Want to edit or delete segments, calculated metrics, date ranges, curated components and curated names for Virtual Report Suites? Check out the Component Editor or our article on the seven steps to clean up Adobe Analytics in a data-driven manner.

To get your own Datacroft Component Manager account, follow the getting started guide or contact me via the Contact Form for a free demo and setup support.



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