Find and delete 100’s of unused Adobe Analytics Segments with a few clicks [VIDEO]

The Component Usage Tab in the Google Sheets Adobe Analytics Bulk Component Editor shows what your users (don’t) use

Lukas Oldenburg
3 min readJan 4, 2021

Some months ago, I presented my new pet tool, the Adobe Analytics Bulk Component Manager for Google Sheets (now an official Datacroft product). In this video/article, I present an update: There is now a “Component Usage” Tab which shows you not only all Components, i.e. Calculated Metrics, Success Events, Segments, Dimensions or Date Ranges. It also shows you:

  1. How often each Component is used in your Adobe Analytics Account (e.g. in Workspaces, other Segments or Calculated Metrics)
  2. Where it is used (in which Workspaces, Segments, Calculated Metrics)

Then, with standard Google Sheets functionality, you can identify the unused Segments and Calculated Metrics and delete or rename them all at once with a couple of clicks.

The video shows how I find about 600 unsued Calculated Metrics and Segments and delete them all at once.

Keeping your Adobe Analytics setup under control

An Adobe Analytics account can quickly grow out of hand, with your users amassing thousands of components within short time. Within the Adobe interface, this is hard to impossible to handle. But the more components, the slower your Workspaces and Admin interfaces, and the more confusion about which is the right segment or metric for this or that, the harder to enforce a certain standard.

The Adobe Analytics Bulk Component Editor for Google Sheets helps you keep an overview over all dimensions, metrics, segments, and date ranges and in which Virtual Report Suite they are part of the Curated Components. If you haven’t read the first intro article and video, feel free to do so.

Find those eVars and props you can remove from the implementation

Recently, there was somebody on Measure Slack claiming that they had used almost all their 150 eVars and 75 props. While this sounds hard to achieve, it is even harder to find out which of them could be removed or replaced. While deleting a segment or a Calculated Metric does not destroy any Workspace even if that Workspace had used those Components before, disabling an eVar can have all kinds of terrible consequences — which is another reason why I think Virtual Report Suites and Curated Components (see part I) are a must if you want to be good to your Analytics users.

How often is this Segment used? And where? And more. All just a couple of clicks away in a comfortable Google Sheet.

Also new: List of all Workspaces

And by the way, there is now also a list of all Workspaces with helpful info like last modification date and owner. That helps a lot when doing Workspace cleanups because Workspaces quickly grow into the thousands as well.

Spring cleaning your workspaces has never been easier

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