Google, please stop hyping Firebase and Web+App Properties like the Garden of Eden!

Google Analytics for Firebase tells me that the God of all KPIs, “Event Count per User” rose for a certain campaign. CEO material.

I may make a fool out of myself with this

1. Don’t sunset a product before offering a replacement

2. Why Firebase Event Parameters don’t replace Custom Dimensions

  • item_id
  • item_name
  • item_price
  • item_stock
  • item_brand
  • item_category
  • item_variant
  • item_list
  • item_quantity
  • transaction_id
  • transaction_revenue
  • coupon_code
  • payment_method
  • delivery_type
  • etc.
  • item_list_click
  • item_view (Product Detail View)
  • add_to_cart
  • remove_from_cart
  • begin_checkout
  • checkout_progress
  • ecommerce_purchase
  • ecommerce_item_purchase (btw since Firebase does not allow sending more than one product in one Event Hit (because people never buy one more product in one transaction, right?), you need to send another Hit for each product, which makes things like impression tracking of search result lists with e.g. 100 products quite an “eventful Event” (we don’t do it because of that))
By activating transaction_id for the ecommerce_purchase Event, we have used 1 of 50 available event-string parameter combinations. If we want to report on the transaction_id for each ecommerce_product_purchase (to see which products were in which transaction), we are down to 48 parameters even though the parameter “transaction_id” is the same.

3. The “But You Can Use BigQuery” Running Gag

4. Debugging with Handcuffs




Digital Analytics Expert. Owner of Creator of the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets:

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Lukas Oldenburg

Lukas Oldenburg

Digital Analytics Expert. Owner of Creator of the Adobe Analytics Component Manager for Google Sheets:

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