So how many Users do these evil Ad Blockers kill? A Checklist & Guide for Comparing Apples to Apples

Part II of “Ad Blockers & Server-Side Tracking”

“How much does that Analytics data actually differ from the ‘real’ data?”

So will the ‘real data’ please stand up?

How to Compare Analytics and “Real” Data: The Basics

a) Do NOT compare “traffic” metrics: Pageviews, Visits, Unique Visitors etc.

b) … Compare data that can only be produced by humans

c) An Order is not an Order is not an Order is …

Wait? You are saying an Order/Transaction in Adobe/Googe Analytics is not the same as an Order in Magento/Navision/Shopify/Hybris/SAP/ YourShopOrERPSystem???

Comparing Analytics Apples to ‘real’ Apples

Choosing the right Analytics Apples for Comparison

Comparing Revenue to Revenue: Stop it already!

So how many users do those Ad Blockers kill after all?

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